Friday, September 6, 2013

Do We Deserve God's Love?

     I keep hearing lately about this idea of "deserving" God's love. Amazing how phrases like this get mixed into the Christian vernacular.  Honestly, I've never really questioned it.... Until now. 
     Jesus, when he taught his disciples to pray said to them, "pray in this way, Our Father....." Let's stop right there. Our Father.  Let that sink in. God is a father. God is our father.
     I have 3 amazing girls.  I love them each, furiously.  I co-created them. They are of me. They resemble me. They have my DNA. I love them. I can't not love them. They don't have to do anything for my love. It exists for them unconditionally.
That is how God's love is for his own; His creation. We are made in his image and have his attributes. Psalms 24:1 reminds us that the Earth is the Lord's and EVERYTHING in it.  Why wouldn't God love us? We are his kids!
     What about sin, you ask? Sin? The Bible teaches that while we were sinners God loved us. Sin doesn't keep God from loving us it makes him love us more if a perfect love could love more.
     What about pride? What about it? My kids are proud that I love them. I am their dad. I'm a rock star (literally and figuratively). What's wrong with being proud of God? He's pretty amazing, isn't he?  We need to stop this idea of  deserving God's love. I love my children because they are mine. God loves us because we are his, that's it.  For God so loved the  world, the Cosmos; All of God's creation; The human family. He loves us and there is nothing left to be done. It is finished. That is the beauty of the gospel.

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